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Jane Warren

Why You Need to Look at the BIG “Google” as the New “Yellow Pages”

In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, James Martell talks with Jane Warren and tackles the question …is Google the new Yellow Pages? In days gone by, when a local consumer needed a plumber, or a hairdresser, or to order a pizza, find a chiropractor or an automotive shop ...
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Harvard Study Confirms: Increase Your Revenue 5-10% by Adding 1 Star in an Online Review

In this episode, James Martell co-host of the SmarterLocal Marketing podcast, talks with his co-host Jose Quiroz about the #1 secret to increase positive Yelp reviews. It may seem like a small thing, but increasing revenues can have a big impact on your business. If you ever wondered if it ...
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#013 | [Case Study] Doctor Shares Secrets to Attracting 44 Patients in 30 Days

In this episode James is talking with Dr. Cale Copeland from Victoria Family Chiropractic, about how to attract patients to your practice and the perfect mix of marketing strategies he used to get him to the top of the search engines. James says the SmarterLocal Marketing program employed for Dr ...
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Why Google My Business Is So Important to YOUR Local Business

#012 | Why ‘Google My Business’ Is So Important to YOUR Local Business

Are you looking for a free and easy way for potential customers to find you online, see your services at a glance and connect with you instantly? If you have Google My Business set up and verified, you are way ahead of most business owners. In this episode, James Martell ...
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Email Marketing – Gold for Business Owners

#011 | 6 Customer Nurturing Emails Every Local Business *MUST* Send to Build Loyalty

Did you know it is much easier to nurture an existing customer and bring them back again, then going out and finding new customers? By putting together a very simple series of emails that are delivered automatically on a schedule, you can keep the phone ringing, keep customers coming back, ...
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#010 | How to Use Facebook Ads Effectively to Grow Your Local Business – Do’s & Don’ts

Are you a local business owner who's thinking of attracting more local customers? In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, James Martell and Olive Oliver talk about how to use Facebook ads effectively to grow local business, the Do’s and Don’ts when you want to grow your local business ...
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James Martell talks w/ SmarterLocal Marketing co-host Tony Valentino shares a real-life case study about how to generate leads in local market.

#009 | [Case Study] How to Generate Leads in Local Market – Client Doubles Hourly Rate By Employing 3 SmarterLocal Strategies

Would you LOVE to have a PROBLEM where too many people are calling you for your services and you have to double your hourly rate just to slow things down? In this week’s episode Tony Valentino talks to James Martell about 3 simple SmarterLocal strategies he employed for a client ...
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Collect Emails from Facebook Fans

#008 | 6 Clever Ways to Collect Emails from Facebook Fans

In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, James Martell and Sam Gunaratne talk about 6 Clever Ways to Collect Emails from Facebook Fans. They discuss creative ways to grow an email list which help small business owners who are active on Facebook grow their business by collecting emails from ...
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company to build my website

#007 | [Case Study] How One Small Website Tweak Exploded Sales and Changed Everything for this Local Business

Can one small Tweak to a website explode sales and turn everything around for a local business? Yes, that’s what had happened and it was made possible by Tony Valentino who routinely responds to inquiries from those looking for a company to build my website. In this episode, Tony shares ...
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#006 | Are You Making One of the Top 5 Local Internet Marketing Mistakes?

In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, the discussion between James Martell and Olive Oliver is about the ‘Top 5 Local Internet Marketing Mistakes’ made by local businesses. Olive is a local “Customer Acquisition Specialist” and “Partner” at SmarterLocal. Proven Local Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses Every business wants ...
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